Our short-run production allows us to create prototypes or redevelop specific designs with a quick turnaround and high precision.

At Cutting Edge Precision we offer short-run production services to customers in Sacramento, CA, and surrounding areas.

CNC Short-Run Production

Cutting Edge Precision can produce your components in low quantities at a reasonable cost by taking advantage of short-run production. Our highly trained machinists can create precise parts that exceed the clients' expectations.

  • Efficient run times
  • Precision quality
  • Experienced machinists

Our shop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines that can handle a wide range of sizes and forms. From CNC Milling, CNC Turning, drilling & tapping, boring & threading; our machine shop has the ability to finish a variety of manufacturing processes.

Large & Short Run Machining Capabilities

Cutting Edge Precision has the ability to create one-of-a-kind product using large or short run machining for a variety of sectors. We use cutting-edge technology and innovative methods to minimize downtime, minimize errors, increase accuracy, and improve time. We may provide lean manufacturing for long or short run machining projects by utilizing the CNC milling and CNC turning equipment we have in the shop.

Custom Manufacturing

Our method maintains all of the resources needed for the creation of particular parts and components close at hand, we handle both short-run machining or large-scale production.

It increases the quality of the finished parts by reducing the chance for error between machining operations. It saves money by lowering the distances between production points.

The machine components only have to move a few feet from the CNC milling station to the CNC turning station, from the drilling station to the milling station, and so on. All machine operators collaborate as a team, ensuring that each employee understands how to get to the ultimate product.

Components that must undergo multiple machining processes are all worked within a specialized area of our facility in Loomis, CA. When manufacturing a project, each “cell” contains all of the equipment necessary for any milling, turning, drilling, or EDM, or any combination of these processes, for that specific project.

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